Referral program


Remit Choice invites you to participate in Referral program. Our Referral program can be a great source of additional income, in frames of which you get money if you send your visitors to our website.

Once you become our member you can refer a new visitors to our website using your personal referral link. If new member, registered by your referral link, makes new order, you will earn commissions from his every single transaction. The link contains your unique identifier (id = xxxx). When your link is clicked, we record the event into our database so that we know that there was a redirect from your reference link.


Percent of commissions depends on our applied fee. You can find percent of commissions and number of your referrals in your member’s area in section “My account”.

Our Referral program has 3 grades: Bronze (5%), Silver (7.5%) and Gold (10%). You can get the next grade when required cumulative transaction amount of your referrals reaches the next required border.

The amount of your reward will be displayed in your personal account and you can always withdraw the funds to any of the payment system with which we cooperate. The withdrawal is made automatically upon your request.

We reserve the right to change the policy of our Referral program at any time.