Banking services: expensive transfers, time consuming, complicated process.

Remit Choice: minimal charge, transfers up to several minutes, easy to use.

Yes, we are LICENSED PAYMENT INSTITUTION (Nr.46). We are supervised by the Bank of Lithuania, which is based on European Union legislation.  We are dealing with Banking partners and with online payment systems as a facilitator only. Both banks and payment processors are legally registered and authorized.

The customer service using SSL-protocol as the standard for secure connection through which the exchange of information between services and users is encrypted. And you absolutely have nothing to worry about.

We are informing, that Public e-mail inboxes (such as mailinator) in our website are forbidden. You can find forbidden inboxes list here: https://github.com/MattKetmo/EmailChecker/blob/master/res/throwaway_domains.txt
Please contact the Support Center or email us. You can find contacts on our main page. Thank you.

All payment processor orders are instant. It is processing in automatic mode. Except for a few cases:

SEPA - from few minutes up to 24 hours. 

BankWire - 3-5 business days. 

WebMoney - from few minutes up to 24 hours on business days and within 48 hours on the weekends. You will receive your funds within 15-30 min after your order is applied to "Completed" status.

Visa/Mastercard - 3 business days.

SolidTrustPay - up to few days ( you will get your funds after SolidTrustPay will approve your transaction. While transaction is processing, your order status will be "On Hold")

You can always see our transfers fee on the main page while creating an order.  Also, you can click on  the button "Fees"  and you will see a table with all our fees. E-money institution fee is already included in the final price.

Submitted - order status means that you are in the second step of creating your order and you have to provide details of your accounts. After that by clicking "Continue" you will be redirected to your chosen electronic money payment institution's website, where you will have to transfer your funds. All not payed orders will be canceled in 48 hours. 

Waiting - order status means that you created order but we did not get any payments from you. You always can go inside of order by clicking on it and press "Pay" button. If you cannot see "Pay" button, you will need send manual transfer to your showed account. All not payed orders will be canceled in 48 hours.

Pending - order status means that you have made your payment and it is on the way to our account. 

Approved - order status means that we got your payment and your funds are on the way to your wallet. 

Completed - order status means that your transfer was successfully executed and your funds reached your account. 

Canceled - You did not complete the transaction within 48 hours. You sent an incorrect amount, and our system does not recognize your payment as a correct one.

Wrong wallet - Order status means that we tried to complete your order, but your provided account number/e-mail is wrong or not existing. You can provide us new account number/e-mail which is able to accept funds. 

Country restricted -  Order status means that we tried to complete your order but provider informed us that your provided account  is not able to accept funds at this moment. Now you can:

1) Provide other e-mail (account) which is able to accept funds.

2) Change exchange direction to other e-currency (current fees will be applied) and provide this e-currency e-mail (account).

3) We can refund order back to your account (if refund costs for us, it will be deducted from refund amount).

Error - Order status means that it was provided incorrect data, occurred system mistake or due to technical reasons we could not receive or send your funds. 

Hold - Order status means that transaction is maintained by administrator and you will be required to provide additional information. 

Bankwire (wire transfers) - You can use Bankwire transfers all over the world. Transfers are going through corespondent banks. Corespondents banks can hold your transactions while checking it and usually it can take 5 business days. All corespondent banks have fees and it can be deducted from you and from us. We are always trying to find better transfer way and we suggest you cheaper and faster options. 

SEPA - You can make SEPA transfers only in European Economic Area using Euros. SEPA transfers usually take 24 hours except when your bank is in SEPA instant system, then it can take just few minutes! They do not have corespondent banks, so transfers are cheaper. 

If you have put wrong Paysera account (e-mail), when you transfer to Paysera. We will correct mistake only after Paysera will send back money to us (it can take till 7 business days).

Transfers to international Visa and Mastercard cards.
Min amount USD/EUR/GBP 1.00 / Max amount USD 2,000.00, EUR 2,000.00, GBP 1,600.00 per transaction.

Max amount per card: up to 5 transactions a day, up to USD/EUR/GBP 4,000.00 a day, up to USD/EUR/GBP 20,000.00 a month.

Please note that depending on card type certain countries are not supported: see unavailable countries for Visa and Mastercard.






Cote d'Ivoire




Hong Kong









North sudan







Russia (supported only with RUB)


If  transaction has not been completed - you can. Your money will be refunded  deducing the fee of the payment institution, in which the payment was made.

If the account that you specified is incorrect,  does not exist or  blocked, the money will not be sent there, and we will send them to you using corrected data. If the provided account exists, the money will be sent to it. You can try to get your money back on your own by writing to the owner of this account or customer service. To avoid such situations always carefully double check entered data.

Yes, we are able to make third-party payments, however, the original payment cannot come for a third party account and must be received by us from an account under the registered person's document name.

If more than 24 hours has passed, and you have not received your funds:

1) Check if details you have entered placing the order are correct.

2) Contact customer support and specify the reference of the order if necessary.

Your cumulative transaction amount will be calculated by system, and your account will be upgraded for grades automatically. Afterwards the discount rate will be calculated in your orders automatically.

We do not accept registrations from individuals and companies based in the United States of America and their unincorporated territories as well as countries that are restricted under FATF regulation. Citizens of these countries residing overseas are also not allowed service.

Below you will find a list of restricted countries/territories. Due to ever-changing policy, this list is updated. Countries can be both added and removed from the list. Under extreme circumstances, some countries can be temporarily restricted.

Countries currently restricted on Remit Choice.com: (Based on FATF, EU Regulation)

1. American Samoa

2. Korea, The Democratic People's Republic of

3. Ethiopia

4. Ghana

5. Guam

6. Iran

7. Iraq

8. Libya

9. Panama

10. Samoa

11. Syria

12. Yemen

13. Uganda

14. Zimbabwe

Under European regulations for financial institutions and to ensure the safety of user funds - all users are required to verify to be able to make any type of transfer on Remit Choice.com. The rules of verification for personal and company accounts vary and are detailed below.

To verify on the Remit Choice service, the documents required to identify are:

  • For personal accounts:

                1. International ID card

                2. International passport

                3. Residence permit

  • For company accounts:

                1. Personal verification documents as stated above

                2. Company documentation

The first step in verifying your account is filling out the KYC form.

Why do I need to fill the KYC form? 

To develop and improve the security of our services. We would like to know who/what the client is and what kind of ordinary activity they are involved in. This action is also one of the ways to be protected from such threats as identity theft and prevent any possible financial fraud, money laundering, and the financing of terrorism. 

What kind of information do I have to provide? 

We ask questions about contact details, nationality, place of residence, area of activity, predictable amount of money remittance, services that will be used.

Here are the rules that apply to the live identification process powered by iDenfy:

  • The document type selected and the document that is photographed must match in order for the request to be approved for processing.
  • All document types must have an MRZ code zone listed on the document. Any sort of ID, passport, or residence permit without an MRZ code (such as internal Russian passports, internal Ukrainian passports, Italian paper ID cards, Indian PAN cards, and the like) will be automatically rejected.
  • The document and the uploader's face must be FULLY and CLEARLY visible in all photos to produce a valid result.
  • The document used is required to be the real, physical document. Photos, scans, and copies of documents will be automatically rejected, even if they fit all of the previous criteria.

Here are some tips for getting the best possible results:

  • Follow the steps exactly as they are written in the iDenfy verification process.
  • Use a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone to verify your identity as their cameras are much better than webcams found on most portable and desktop computers.
  • Take the photos of your document and your face in a well-lit area, but avoid having light sources reflect light from the document. The glare produced can seriously harm the document review process.
  • Make sure that the entire document and your face fit into the boundaries specified when photos are being taken.

Why is it required to submit proof for my/our source of my funds (SOF)?

It is an important anti-fraud measure that helps us ensure the safety of your money and to comply with AML regulations.

What documents can be submitted to prove the source of funds? 

  •  Payslips;
  •  Bank/savings statements (that show the source of income and the account balance);
  •  Loan agreements (if the source of funds is a loan);
  •  Sales contract (if the source of funds is a sale);
  •  Inheritance contract(if the source of funds is inheritance).

We do not accept transfers sent on behalf of other people, so you must ensure that the funds you are sending are your own.

We reserve the right to request additional documents even if you do NOT reach one of the mentioned thresholds. These measures exist to allow us to protect our customers better from fraud.

You must provide your document information as well as a clear scanned copy of your company:
  • Company registration documents (Certificate of Incorporation)
  • Company Statutes (Memorandum & Article of Association)
  • Certificate of Good Standing, not older than 6 months
  • Beneficial Owner Certificate
  • Director's authority for representation

You can upload files in JPEG, PNG, BMP, PDF formats. Any unclear, altered, low-resolution or poor quality images will be rejected.

Our live verification procedure takes anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes.

No, the entirety of the verification procedure is free.